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Sacramento Commuter Schedule Updates

Sacramento Commuter Schedule Updates

Updates are coming to the Sacramento Commuter Route Schedules on January 16, 2018!

Changes to AM Commuter #4: Adding a morning pick-up at the Cambridge Rd. Park and Ride at 6:05 AM. This will move the Central Park and Ride pick-up to 5:45 AM.

Morning Commuter Route 4 Changes

Central Park and Ride 5:45 AM
Cambridge Rd. Park and Ride 6:05 AM
El Dorado Hills Park and Ride 6:15 AM


Changes to All Commuter Routes: Due to traffic congestion, ALL pick-up times will be adjusted to reflect the true arrival times.

Download the New Schedules Here.    Commuter Routes Jan 2018

For further information call El Dorado Transit at (530) 642-5383.