Bus Parking Lot Improvements Project #17-01



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT sealed bids will be received by the El Dorado County Transit Authority (“EDCTA” or “Owner”), located at 6565 Commerce Way, Diamond Springs, CA 95619, until 2:00 PM local time on April 10, 2017, or such later date as may be set by addendum, and then will be publicly opened and read for the construction of the following public works project:

Bus Parking Lot Improvements Project #17-01

The proposed work generally consists of the following:

The scope of work, in general, includes: the removal and replacement of specified areas of AC paving, milling of all specified areas of existing AC paving, and a complete AC overlay of the specified areas; the expansion of the existing bus parking lot as shown in the project plans; and removal of two (2) existing light poles and the modification of all remaining light poles in the bus parking lot area. The work is more specifically described in the Contract Documents.

The Contract Documents, including the Instructions to Bidders and the Plans, Drawings and Specifications for the Work, may be examined at EDCTA’s office, located at 6565 Commerce Way, Diamond Springs, CA, 95619, and purchased with payment of $20.00.  The amount of the payment is nonrefundable.  The Bidder’s attention is directed to the Instructions to Bidders for complete instructions regarding submission of bid.

Each Bid must be submitted on the prescribed forms and accompanied by cash, a cashier’s check, certified check or bid bond executed on the prescribed form payable to EDCTA in an amount not less than 10 percent (10%) of the bid amount.

All building permit and utility connection fees for the Project will be paid by EDCTA. The successful bidder will be required to pay all other permits, fees and taxes as provided in the Contract Documents.

The successful bidder will be required to furnish a Payment Bond and a Faithful Performance Bond each in the full amount of the Contract price, and insurance with certificates and endorsements of insurance, as provided in the Contract Documents.  The required bonds must be provided by a surety insurer who is duly admitted by the Insurance Commissioner of the State of California.

The successful bidder must hold such valid licenses issued by the California State Contractors’ License Board as may be required by the laws of the State of California for the performance of the work specified in the Contract Documents.

No contractor or subcontractor may bid on any public works project, be listed in a bid proposal for any public works project, or engage in the performance of any contract for public works unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations pursuant to Labor Code Sections 1725.5 and 1771.1.

Bidders are encouraged, although not required, to utilize local labor to the greatest extent possible.

The attention of bidders is directed to the requirements and conditions of employment to be observed and prevailing wage rate to be paid under the Contract. Information for prevailing wage rates may be obtained from the Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Statistics and Research, P.O. Box 420603, San Francisco, CA  94142-0603, or by referring to the website at http://www.dir.ca.gov/OPRL/PWD.

Pursuant to Public Contract Code § 22300, EDCTA shall permit the substitution of securities for any moneys withheld in retention by EDCTA.

The estimated construction cost for this project is in the range of $180,000.

All questions concerning the Bid Documents and the Project should be addressed to Mindy Jackson, Executive Director, 6565 Commerce Way, Diamond Springs, CA 95619 or by e-mail at mjackson@eldoradotransit.com .  Questions must be received no later than five days prior to the bid opening date.  The answers to relevant questions will be addressed through a formal addenda process.

EDCTA reserves the right to reject all bids.  Any bid not conforming to the intent and purpose of the Contract Documents may be rejected.  EDCTA may extend the time to award the Contract for a period of time which shall not extend beyond 60 days from the bid opening date.


By: Mindy Jackson, Executive Director

El Dorado County Transit Authority