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Local Route Updates Are Coming November 1st!!

The following Local Fixed Route updates will go into effect on Monday, November 1, 2021:


20 Placerville:

Stop time adjustments were made to better reflect on time performance.

20 Placerville schedule PDF

25 Saturday Express:

Request stops have been added at Forni Rd. and Lo Hi Way, Placerville Library, and Big Lots (Fair Ln.) in the eastbound and westbound directions. Also added a timed stop at Broadway at Airport Rd. and adjusted the stop time at Upper Room (Broadway).

25 Saturday Express schedule PDF

30 Diamond Springs/El Dorado:

No changes were made

30 Diamond Springs/El Dorado schedule PDF

35 Diamond Springs/El Dorado Saturday: 

No changes were made

35 Diamond Springs/El Dorado Saturday schedule PDF

40 Cameron Park:

 No changes were made

40 Cameron Park schedule PDF

50 Express:

The following changes are being implemented on the 7:30 AM westbound route ONLY:

  • Change Regal Theaters stop to a request stop
  • Add Raley’s (Armory Dr.) as request stop
  • Add Forni Rd. at Lo Hi Way as request stop
  • Add Heath and Human Services (Briw Rd.) as request stop
  • Add Placerville Library as request stop
  • Add Big Lots (Fair Ln.) as request stop

50 Express east/west schedule PDF

60 Pollock Pines/Camino:

Stop time adjustments were made to better reflect the on time performance

60 Pollock Pines/Camino schedule PDF