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How to ride

Passenger Rules

El Dorado Transit provides modern bus transportation by fixed route, demand response, and express route modes. All of our vehicles are wheel-chair accessible and equipped with bike racks. Please read theĀ Bicycle and Scooter Policies for more information regarding the bike racks.

While riding on El Dorado Transit, please observe the following rules:

  • No smoking, eating, or drinking
  • No behavior creating a nuisance for driver or others
  • No animals, except service animals
  • Standing is permitted only when seats are not available
  • Show pass or pay fare when boarding
  • No unsafe behavior in or around El Dorado Transit buses or bus stops

Public Utilities Code Section 99170

No person shall do any of the following with respect to the property, facilities or vehicles of a transit district:

  • Operate, interfere with, enter, or climb on or in the property, facilities, or vehicles owned or operated by the transit district without the permission or approval of the transit district.
  • Interfere with the operator or operation of a transit vehicle or impede the safe boarding or alighting of passengers.
  • Extend any portion of the body through any window in a manner that may cause harm or injury.
  • Throw any object from the vehicle.
  • Commit any act or engage in any behavior that may, with reasonable foresee ability, cause harm or injury to any person or property.
  • Violate any notice, prohibition, instruction, or direction on any sign that is intended to provide for the safety and security of transit passengers, or the safe and secure operation of the transit system.

Infraction: punishable by a fine, not to exceed $75 for first violation and not to exceed $250 after a second conviction or by community service not to exceed 48 hours over a period not to exceed 60 days.

Other information

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