System Alert: Temporary Suspension of Saturday Services

Route 60 : Pollock Pines
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Due to construction on Highway 50 and Carson Road in Camino that prevents the bus from turning onto Carson Road in the eastbound direction, the bus stops at eastbound Highway 50 and Carson Road, and at the Camino Post Office will be closed beginning Thursday, October 7, 2021 until roadwork on the freeway is completed.

The westbound stops at Highway 50 and Carson Road, and at Carson Road and Larsen Drive will still be open. In addition, in an effort to help lessen the inconvenience to passengers traveling eastbound from Camino during the construction on Highway 50, El Dorado Transit has set up a temporary eastbound stop near the intersection of Carson Road on Pony Express Trail.

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The Pollock Pines route provides service from the Placerville Station Transfer Center to the Safeway Plaza in Pollock Pines every hour from 7:00 AM to 6:55 PM Monday through Friday. Service includes stops along the Pony Express Trail.

Text your stop code to 25251 for real-time arrivals