Operator Spotlight – Jean Staples


Describe what its like working at El Dorado Transit.
It’s like working with close family; everyone cares about each other and what’s going on in their lives. I love it because it feels like I’m giving back to the community but I’m also being paid to help.

What do you like most about your job?
Greeting and meeting new people and hearing their stories. The best part is going home knowing that I don’t have anything to finish-Every day is a new, clean slate!

You’ve had a long career as a transit operator. What do you own that to?
The benefits and overall pay but you have to like what you do and I love the fact that I can, “manage my own ship” each day.

When you retire, who or what will you miss the most?
My coworkers and the general public.

Describe what a perfect workday is for you.
Good weather, no vehicle issues and when people on the road use their blinkers!

What is the most significant change that you’ve seen in your career?
When I first started we had “flexible buses.” The technology and differences in buses has been interesting and they make them so easy to drive now. 

Describe something the general public may not know about your job.
The stress of being able to drive people from A to B safely. You’re constantly scanning for what’s coming at you to keep everyone safe. 

What would you say to someone considering a career at El Dorado Transit?
I found that the bigger the vehicle, the more fun it is to drive! You also get to drive on someone else’s dime and get paid at the same time.  The best part is knowing that your transit family is here supporting one another. 

Jean has worked at El Dorado Transit for over 24 years.